Exhibitor Registration

Exhibitor Registration Form

2023 Needlework Marketplace Exhibitor Registration

August 25-28, 2023

This is a virtual show – exhibit from wherever you have internet access!

No set mandatory hours to be present in your booth - we know we don’t all live in the same time zone!  Your exhibitor room will have both text chat and live video conferencing capabilities that we encourage you to use if you wish.  You can even set appointments for one-on-one live video chats.

There will also be common areas where you can chat with other buyers and exhibitors.  It will be easy to socialize and network if you so desire!   

We will be carefully reviewing each shop that applies to be a buyer at the show.  Tax IDs will be collected and verified, and every effort will be made to ensure only shops selling through appropriate business models are in attendance. Any issues or concerns, please contact us at info@needleworkmarketplace.com

You will receive a booklet as well as a digital file that includes information for all approved buyers.  Physical booklets will be shipped to all vendors - including those outside the US.  You can use this information to share news about your upcoming releases and to ship orders placed during the show.  We will not be sharing their Tax ID.  Approved buyers will receive a booklet and/or digital file with information on all registered exhibitors.  

We anticipate that you will be able to begin setting up your booths in May.  We have selected a venue for the show that offers tech support, so assistance will be available to you.

The exhibitor fee is $350.  This will be an ongoing annual event.  As a thank you to those who exhibit at our first show, we will offer classes – either live or recorded – at no additional cost to those who wish to teach.  Anyone that exhibits during our first show will also have their exhibitor fee locked in at the rate of $350 for our 2024 and 2025 shows.

Register in three easy steps!


#1) Submit your registration information below:

#2) Pay the exhibitor fee using this link or QR code: